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Volcano Adventure tours hiking Guatemala's volcanoes on overnight and day-trip tours executed by Guatemala's most professional tour operator since 2004.

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Mountain Bike Adventure and cultural tours biking around Antigua, Guatemala operated by the OX Pro-Team since 2004.

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Lake Atitlan Adventure tours like Kayaking, Hiking, Paragliding and more, executed by Guatemala's most professional tour operator since 2004.

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You want Guatemala Adventure? Volcanoes, mountain biking, kayaking, zip line, paragliding, surfing, the OX Expeditions Adventure Team has what you are looking for! Action packed, in your face fun! Climb a volcano, or several with OX, based in Antigua, Guatemala since January of 2004. OX specializes in overnight and day-trip adventure trekking on Acatenango, Fuego and Pacaya. We also execute great tours Mountain biking, Kayaking (Lake Atitlan) Surfing, Paragliding and Surfing.

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The latest ADVENTURE news updates with OX, the volcanoes, the team, the bikes, the tours and more. Check here for the latest and greatest from the OX desk to yours.

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Guatemala City Airport Closed

TODAY!! February 7th, 2015 the Fuego Volcano, located on just outside of the historic tourist town of Antigua, Guatemala erupted in a fury. Around mid day on Saturday the 7th, the eruptions increased in frequency throwing red hot lava rocks down the slopes of the volcano igniting brush fires in the farmlands below. The resort and golf course of La Reunion was immediately evacuated as well as some surrounding towns.

Around 3pm Volcan Fuego ejected a huge pyroclastic flow and super hot volcanic ash cloud on its eastern slopes and ejected volcanic material thousands of feet into the air. The ash blew high into the atmosphere and moved over the surrounding villages, covering Antigua, Guatemala in a layer of volcanic ash. It continued towards Guatemala City where the international airport was shut down. The volcanic threat level was raised to ORANGE as the Fire volcano erupted continuously for 22 hours.

OX had a group of 16 clients with two guides on the neighboring Acatenango Volcano. After a quick change in plans for the designated camp site, the OX guides camped in a safe area shielded by the massive Acatenango Volcano. However, after dark, the group climbed to the top to witness nature's awesome power as Volcan Fuego continued to erupt. A once in a lifetime sight to see.

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We are a professional ADVENTURE guide operator. This means we are in the business of chaos management and calculated risk. We cannot control our environment, we take you into MOTHER NATURE, she will determine your experience. We have no control over the weather, volcanic eruptions or any other form of chaos, we can only prepare to handle these situations. This is why it is called an ADVENTURE. So please do not sign up for any of our tours if you cannot accept our limitations working with nature. The natural world is tough, this is simply the nature of the business. But if you are ready to truly live, then join us for something amazing. OX

facebook de Johnnys place ox expeditions youtube channel